Immerse Yourself
in Learning

July 26 – 28, 2017 • San Jose, CA

Realities360 is a hands-on conference unlike anything you’ve seen before. In order to understand what AR, VR, and other alternate-reality technologies can do for learning, you need to experience them for yourself. Realities360 is specifically designed to allow you to immerse yourself in these technologies, and to engage in conversations that enable you to put those experiences into the context of the work you do in training and development.

Realities360 is about more than just exploring the future: It’s about bringing people together to help create it.


Maxwell Planck

How VR Is Changing the Future of Content

Maxwell Planck, Technical Founder, Oculus Story Studio

Virtual reality fundamentally changes some of the rules and expectations for eLearning. In this opening keynote, Maxwell Planck will describe the work he is doing at Oculus Story Studio and share the lessons he has learned as he continues to discover the unique opportunities of VR. Read more→

Barry Downes

What Does the Future Hold for AR, VR, and Mixed Realities?

Barry Downes, Managing Partner, Suir Valley Ventures

In this session, Barry Downes, a managing partner of a venture capital fund specializing in AR, VR, financial technology, and the Internet of Things, will share how he sees these technologies evolving and emerging and where their short- and long-term evolutions will take us. Read more→

David Kelly

Building the Future Together

Collaborative Discussion Led by David Kelly

During this general session, we will engage in a discussion exploring the opportunities offered and barriers imposed by AR, VR, and enhanced realities. We will examine what we need these technologies to do, and what resources we need in order to utilize them in our work. Read more→

Chad Udell, Kate Pasterfield, Marco Faccini, Clyde Matava

Lessons Learned from Early AR and VR Adopters

Chad Udell, Kate Pasterfield, Marco Faccini, Clyde Matava

The real potential of AR, VR, and enhanced reality technologies lies in doing something different and viewing your work through a different lens. In this closing panel, you will hear from early adopters of these technologies, who’ll put what you’ve learned at Realities360 into context. Read more→