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March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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Keynotes at Learning Solutions 2016

The Learning Solutions Conference & Expo features three inspiring keynotes exploring how learning works. The conference starts with an examination of learning from a scientific perspective, continues with discovering the role perception plays in learning, and concludes with an exploration of the research of what works, and what doesn’t work, in learning.

Fostering Constant Paths of Curiosity

Bill Nye

Author and Host, Bill Nye the Science Guy

Wednesday, March 16, 8:30a

Curiosity is the foundation of lifelong learning. But what does curiosity look like? In many ways, curiosity takes the form of exploration when put into action. Exploration—be it the vastness of space or the simplicity of one’s own backyard—is what truly drives learning. Bill Nye believes in the power of exploration. It’s through exploration that discoveries made by the human species expand the possibilities for future discoveries. In this keynote Bill Nye will take you on a journey of exploration, where you will discover how enabling people to act on their curiosity can tap into natural lifelong learning.

Think Inside the Box: Creativity Within Constraints

David Kwong

Illusionist and Puzzle Expert

Thursday, March 17, 8:30a

Though it may seem counterintuitive, most people are at their most creative when they innovate within a given set of boundaries. How can you tell a clever story while obeying the construction rules of a crossword puzzle, the sensitive angles of a stage illusion, or the constraints of a learning program? In this fascinating keynote, David Kwong, a master of working within the lines, explains how constraints give us the freedom to create. You will discover why we are at our most innovative when we design a new form for something familiar and subsequently express it in a novel and compelling way. Through demonstrations of groundbreaking puzzles and illusions you will explore an inspiring new method of problem solving and learn how we obtain and retain information.

Learning Beyond the Myths

Annie Murphy Paul

Author and journalist, TIME Magazine

Friday, March 18, 11:15a

There is a tremendous amount of information circulating about learning. A challenge for many learning professionals is discerning between a scientifically proven theory related to learning and a learning myth that sounds and feels right, but is not based on scientific evidence. In this keynote, Annie Murphy Paul will explore learning beyond the common myths, sharing findings from cognitive science and psychology related to the extension and transfer of knowledge. She will also share compelling evidence that intelligence itself can be acquired, highlighting persuasive examples from real-life schools and workplaces.