Delivering short bursts of lessons over time is a solid approach for helping people learn and retain information, and one great approach for this kind of training is microlearning video. If you’re not producing one- to three-minute videos for your audience, it’s time to start. It’s not expensive, and you probably already have the tool you need on your computer: Microsoft PowerPoint. If you can create slides in PowerPoint, you can create microlearning videos, too.

In this BYOD session, you’ll learn how to produce a short, animated microlearning video in PowerPoint at no cost. Starting with a storyboard, script, and prepared slides, you’ll learn how to animate text and characters so they appear, dance across the screen, and disappear on cue. You’ll break your video into scenes by applying the best slide transitions. And you’ll give it a professional touch with your own voice-over narration and royalty-free background music. With a few more clicks, you’ll have a professional-looking video that you can share on Facebook, post to YouTube, or host on your LMS.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to apply animations and motion paths to slide objects like text and characters
  • How to use the animation pane to manage multiple objects on a slide
  • How to use timing settings to make objects enter, move, and exit on cue
  • How to apply slide transitions and timings to separate scenes
  • How to add background music and your own voice-over narration
  • How to export and save your video in various sizes for different purposes


Novice to intermediate designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and MP4 video.

Participant technology requirements:

A laptop running PowerPoint 2016 (most features work in PowerPoint 2010-2016) with a mouse, built-in microphone, and speakers. Participants will need to load a sample PowerPoint file and a music file.