Do you have a story to tell? A lesson to teach? A product to market? VideoScribe lets you do all that. Rapidly. VideoScribe lets you create whiteboard animations that you can post online or include in eLearning or presentations. No drawing talent needed!

Our brains crave stories. When listening to a good story, your brain becomes fully engaged by experiencing the events of the story (as opposed to passively decoding language, as it does during a lecture). This is why storytelling is such a powerful learning tool. Fuse the power of stories with the incredible reach of videos and you have a game-changer in the world of learning. HubSpot has projected that video will claim more than 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019. Opportunities abound for learning and marketing professionals who know how to leverage this powerful combination!

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a new scribe to tell a story
  • How to add and manipulate images and text on the canvas
  • How to adjust draw and play time
  • How to preview, play, and save scribes
  • How to add music to a scribe
  • How to insert a scribe into a PowerPoint deck


Novice designers and developers with intermediate computer skills.

Technology discussed in this session:


Participant technology requirements:

A laptop running VideoScribe (free trial version is OK).