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DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo - October 26, 2017

Dan White

Filament Games

Companies are always looking for innovative methods to convey training content. Particularly in professional roles where training is costly, complicated, or even dangerous, there is a strong need for technology-enabled training that’s easily repeatable and cost-effective. Scalability is just part of the puzzle—content also needs to be designed for accuracy, immersion, and efficacy so that trainers can provide impactful training experiences with high fidelity to the actual task.

This session will explore the potential of virtual reality (VR) to facilitate interactive, inquiry-based learning and training. Through the lens of Filament’s VR research, development, and ongoing dialogue with leading VR manufacturers like HTC, Oculus, and Google, you will see how VR can engage users in professional practice training through identity, embodiment, and immersion. You’ll learn how the technological capabilities of VR can be applied to organizations’ educational missions, delivering transformative experiences that create lasting results.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the advantages of learning through VR in terms of identity, embodiment, and immersion
  • About the impact VR will have on the corporate training sector
  • About the challenges of implementing VR in a corporate training setting
  • About game design strategies to facilitate deeper learning through VR

Novice to advanced designers, developers, and project managers.

Technology discussed in this session:


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