Are you looking to infuse some excitement into exploring and discovering your organization, but concerned that the only budget you have is simply the time and skills of the people in your department? Don’t let that stop you from considering augmented reality experiences. There are ways to leverage AR to encourage your staff to self-discover your organization and have a more engaging multimedia experience—all without breaking the bank!

In this BYOL session, you’ll learn how to leverage the free version of the Aurasma AR web development software to create an “Augmented Reality Amazing Race.” In this approach, already tested in a hospital new-staff orientation, employee teams travel across their organization using the Aurasma app on iPads to discover hidden treasures and learn more about the organization where they work! This session will teach you how to use the Aurasma tool and app to turn objects, images, and places into surprising AR interactions, and how to easily build your own AR mini-race experience.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can use AR in your organization for practical learning
  • What kind of AR experiences Aurasma can provide
  • How to use the free version of Aurasma to create a simple AR experience
  • How to design and develop an AR Amazing Race

Novice to intermediate designers, developers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Aurasma AR web development platform and app.

Technology required:
You will need a laptop that can access the Internet to use the Aurasma cloud-based software. You should have the Aurasma app installed on a mobile device in advance.