Developing VR Using Unity: A Road Map for Getting Started

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Realities360 2017 Conference & Expo - July 26, 2017

Matt Kurtin

Senior Director, Technology and Visual Design
Innovative Learning Group

When you begin to explore virtual reality programming, you quickly realize it requires learning many new things across several disciplines. It can be difficult to determine where to start, as the expanding list that begins with VR programming grows to include 3-D graphics, user interface conventions across varying VR hardware, how to set up and use a VR headset, where to find the best VR applications, and more.

In this session, you will be put on the fast track with a road map for how to get started in VR programming. This session will provide an overview of the Unity game engine, Unity VR plugins and software development kits, the open-source 3-D graphics program Blender, the HTC Vive headset, and Steam VR.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to get started programming with Unity
  • About the Vive software development kit
  • How to get started developing 3-D models with Blender
  • About Steam VR and free offerings on the Steam VR store
  • Tips for setting up the Vive headset

Novice to intermediate designers, developers, and project managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Unity and Unity VR; HTC Vive and Vive software development kit; Blender; and Steam VR.


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