Crazy Good Learning: A Case Study for Late Adoption

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2016 - March 16, 2016

Amy Groff

Director, Training & Talent Development
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

According to Forbes, 61 percent of companies that have LMS systems plan to replace them in the next two years. However, nearly a third of smaller companies still do not have a LMS to deploy training. Many companies are well advanced in terms of online training and development for their employees, but many are late adopters. How do you get from behind the curve? Should you? And if so, how do you go from not much, to state-of-the art?

In this case study session, you will examine a LMS implementation from the perspective of late adoption as a project model and its associated benefits. You will learn how adopting a LMS in 2016 is very different than doing so in 2000. Learn the considerations, planning, and actualizing that must take place for successful implementation. This case study will exemplify what can be expected in smaller companies and corporations that have not yet begun an eLearning journey.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What to do when you are starting corporate eLearning from scratch
  • The benefits of being a late adopter of learning technologies
  • The pitfalls of being technologically challenged late in the game
  • How a LMS can transform content and generate new curriculum
  • How to overcome obstacles in corporate culture

Novice to advanced project managers, managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
A highly customized Totara LMS platform.


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