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DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo - October 1, 2015

MaryAnne Nestor

Instructional Designer
Kent State University

Have you decided to implement a badge program at your organization but are unsure what to do next? Perhaps you are wondering: How do I create the badges? How do I award them? How are the badges displayed? What kind of communications do I send out to those who are awarded badges? How can I promote badges beyond my department? How do I help participants understand the value of badges? Find out how a badge expert used badges to gamify an award-winning developmental math massive open online course at Cuyahoga Community College, and developed a successful badge system for professional development workshops at Kent State University.

In this session you will learn about creating a badge program, issuing badges, as well as answers to common questions and solutions to common obstacles. You will leave with takeaway templates that can be used to implement a badge program within your organization quickly and easily.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The overall concepts behind digital badges and how they work
  • How to develop a badge communication plan and materials for badge recipients
  • How to identify different systems for badge display

Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors.


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