Many organizations have significant investments in SharePoint. If you are already using SharePoint as a corporate intranet portal, it makes sense to consider an LMS with strong integration points with SharePoint. CorVel has a well-developed intranet portal in SharePoint and had previously implemented a home-grown LMS. However, after a few years, some additional requirements led the company to evaluate the LMS market for SharePoint.

In this case-study session, you will review the success factors CorVel considered, get information about its current eLearning efforts, and learn how it made its ShareKnowledge LMS implementation a success. You will explore how companies that are already invested in SharePoint can realize significant savings in infrastructure, IT staff resources, and implementation by leveraging an LMS that is integrated with SharePoint. You will examine how this project enabled the company to better serve the needs of its 3,000 member workforce distributed across the country.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How CorVel implemented an LMS fully integrated with SharePoint
  • How CorVel developed and rolled out a CEU program for sales associates
  • How CorVel offers weekly training events over WebEx and tracks attendance automatically through the LMS
  • The significant ROI CorVel achieves through its training offerings

Novice and intermediate project managers, managers, directors, VPs, and CLOs with knowledge of the basic features of an LMS and familiarity with SCORM.

Technology discussed in this session:
SharePoint 2013 and ShareKnowledge.