Most learners and stakeholders want an efficient learning experience that can increase their competency as quickly as possible. Most training teams want a scalable, flexible, and sustainable solution. Yet too often training programs fail to deliver on these expectations because we try to cram too much information into too short a timeframe using the wrong type of solution.

In this participatory session, you will examine a case study in which Guardian Analytics made similar mistakes and their lessons learned. In small groups, you’ll use the case study to identify training problems and determine options for more effective and relevant customer training. You will explore the warning signs of a poorly planned training project, discover approaches to ensuring programs are scalable, flexible, and sustainable, and learn strategies to ensure you are connecting with your learners. You are encouraged to share your own experiences with inefficient training and the methods you used, if any, to address the problem.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The warning signs of ineffective or inefficient training
  • The importance of regarding training as an extension of your company’s product rather than as a necessary evil
  • Why you must understand your learners’ needs—and the consequences of not doing so
  • Effective methods used to successfully flip training into a blended solution

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and directors

Technology discussed in this session:
Jive platform, Captivate, and SmarterPath (a social learning LMS).