Some developers pay instructional design (ID) no attention at all. Some have never heard of it, and do not see any reason to get to know it. You can see instructional design being criticized in blogs, Twitter streams, and other areas. It’s too slow. It’s too wordy. It’s not techie enough. It’s not appreciated by customers or clients. What you don’t find are alternatives or even a shared definition. If you ask 100 instructional designers for a definition, you won’t get just one definition, you’ll get many—or shrugged shoulders. Shouldn’t we try to establish a shared, contemporary perspective on it before we consign it to the scrapheap of history?

In this session participants will revisit instructional design. You will explore what it is, and then dig deeper to explore what it really is in practice. You will discuss what instructional design looks like when it is done well. You will discover the relationships between ID and technology, and how the two work best together.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The true value of instructional design
  • How instructional design works in practice
  • Why instructional design is often criticized
  • How technology can be leveraged in instructional design

Novice to advanced designers, developers, and managers.