Adding Context to Support Using Social Tools

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Performance Support Symposium 2014 - September 9, 2014

Mark Oehlert

Learning and Development, Director

One of the critical components of successful performance support systems is context. Context is what helps a performance support system understand what a worker is doing, what the worker needs to be doing next, and if support is needed. There are a number of performance support technologies that do an excellent job of monitoring worker actions and supplying resources as needed to support the completion of tasks. As strong as those automated systems are at recognizing when a worker needs assistance, they are rarely as effective at recognizing the context of a performance issue as another worker may be.

In this session participants will explore how social tools can be used to enhance the contextual awareness of performance support systems. You will learn how communities of workers can tag resources with context, enhancing the accuracy in which the resources are pushed to workers. You will see examples of social tools in use that connect workers with human and digital resources to support the completion of a task. You will leave this session with an understanding of how social tools can be used to enhance the value of your performance support systems.


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