To find the information they need, employees have for years been expected to search through endless articles in our knowledge repositories, wander through internal and external web sites, or dive down into an LMS to search through web-based courses. More and more organizations are realizing how this workflow is slowing down their businesses.

In this session participants will learn about a social mobile cloud (SoMoClo-enabled) performance support solution that was designed to address this issue. You will discover how this solution functions as the main resource for workers during their training program as well as after they are placed in their sales roles. You will learn why this program has been successful, and how our top sellers in the field are using this system to their advantage. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of our knowledge management strategy, including how we integrated a flipped classroom experience, how we transformed SharePoint into a mobile-responsive portal, and how we are making data-driven decisions via our platform’s data analytics features.