Determining if and how mLearning fits into a learning strategy is complicated. The temptation is to adopt mLearning because it’s the latest and greatest panacea to solve all learning woes. Much like eLearning was positioned as displacing classroom learning at its height, so mLearning is viewed by many as the golden child. Learning professionals also face the pressure of having to establish return on investment for an unproven strategy with significant up-front investments.

In this session participants will look at mLearning as a part of a holistic strategy that includes face-to-face and virtual classrooms, eLearning, and social learning. You will examine the question of strategy not from an either/or standpoint but from a maximization standpoint. You will explore the benefits of integrating the learning strategies to achieve the best overall return-on-investment Participants will leave this session with a different way of looking at measurement that focuses more attention on the why.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How mLearning integrates with other learning strategies including classroom, eLearning, and social learning
  • What’s required for mLearning integration with other learning strategies
  • How an integrated approach improves portfolio-level ROI
  • Innovative ways to use (and not use) mLearning

Novice project managers and managers with a general understanding of learning strategies.