There is a popular myth in our industry: that courses do not belong on a mobile phone and that only performance support can be successfully delivered to mobile. This session will disprove this popular belief.

Participants in this session will analyze several award-winning eLearning courses to identify their critical components—specifically the components necessary for behavior change. Using a successful course as a starting point, you will reimagine a new mobile interface and sketch a new design for the same topic. With these sketches in hand, you will be able to compare your own designs to a set of downloadable examples of serious eLearning solutions for tablets and mobile phones on the same content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the critical learning components for behavior change
  • Techniques for sketching a learning user interface for a mobile device
  • Techniques for iterative design
  • Mobile learning design techniques for your own serious eLearning course

Novice, intermediate, and advanced designers, project managers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.