Demystifying the Open-source LMS

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Ecosystem 2014 - March 20, 2014

Willem Boom

Vice President—Partner Solutions
Totara Learning Solutions

Jonathan Newman

Vice President of Product Solutions
Totara Learning

Open-source LMS solutions such as Totara LMS, Moodle, and EFront are becoming more and more mainstream. Early adopters are using these solutions and others to replace existing proprietary solutions. Open-source offerings still suffer from certain stigmas such as security concerns, service levels, quality, and number of features. Open-source solutions offer easy customization and very aggressive cost savings vs. proprietary solutions.

This session will give an overview of successful implementations of open-source LMS solutions in corporations. Participants will hear about actual scenarios that help illustrate how to overcome any questions regarding open-source LMS offerings and how to implement them in your organization. You will examine key considerations in selecting and implementing an open-source LMS solution and learn how open-source functionality compares with that of proprietary solutions.


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