There are certain areas where mobile learning excels and other areas where it falls flat. Instructor-led virtual training (ILVT) may fill in the gap. Technology is now allowing Instructor Lead Virtual Training to be conducted on mobile devices but designers, managers, and IT staff need to understand how ILVT works with mobile learning and the most effective strategies to meet your learning goals.

This session will help savvy designers avoid design catastrophes, managers understand how mobile learning fits, and IT staff see the support they need to have ready. After contrasting a traditional virtual classroom to a mobile virtual classroom, you will address the limitations of live mobile learning. Session participants will learn strategies that take advantage of learning in the mobile environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What doesn’t work in the mobile virtual classroom and why
  • How to utilize strategies that maximize mobile virtual classrooms
  • Ways to determine if a virtual classroom should be designed for mobile learners
  • Five mobile instructional exercises that help designers meet learning objectives

Intermediate designers, managers, directors, VPs, and IT support staff. Participants should have a working knowledge of at least one virtual classroom platform. Experience developing or facilitating a virtual classroom would make the experience more meaningful.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Connect on laptops and on iPads.

Student technology needs:
One or all of the following: a laptop with Wi-Fi connection and the Adobe Connect add-in installed, a tablet with the Adobe Connect app installed, or a smartphone with the Adobe Connect app installed.