The highly matrixed, chaotic, and complex work world of today is exhausting. We’re all tired and looking for a quick way out of this mess. But expecting new technologies and processes to save the day is irrational since it’s never happened before! Focusing on the “latest and greatest” takes the focus away from the always-difficult-to-control company value and the customer.

This session will demystify agile and lean methods, including SAM and SAVVY, for session participants, and it will quantify stripping the project management wrapped around the development method down to essentials. You’ll learn how a focus on communication through clear governance, communication, and transition plans will leverage and improve success regardless of the tool of the moment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Pros and cons of competing development processes
  • Stripping down project management to create the flexible structure needed to juggle multiple projects
  • How to say YES to working back from a date and an outrageously low budget
  • How to lead others through the chaos of impossible projects
  • How to stay focused on the things that are getting the results you want
  • Above and below the line: being a victim or victor

Intermediate-level participants should have experience developing learning solutions (eLearning, blended, ILT) with tough constraints; experience simultaneously juggling multiple roles and projects; responsibilities for delegating work to others, and leading stressed-out staff. Familiarity with PMBOK (project management body of knowledge) would be beneficial.

Technology discussed in this session:
Excel MS Office templates.

Student technology needs: