Lectora is extremely malleable, making it possible to do almost anything you can design. In this session, participants will be introduced to the following little-known tips and tricks.

This session will cover control functionality based on current date. You will learn to move an item in a group individually and to put an item on top of a Flash object. Participants will learn to display a student’s name as First Last (switch from Last First) and to build and display a countdown (or count-up). You will practice how to time events to audio, change selected items in a list box based on outside user interaction, reset individual form elements, round variables in IE, and build conditional functionality with multiple decision points.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Some of the more powerful features of Lectora
  • How to use these features
  • How to implement Lectora with Captivate

Participants should be familiar with Lectora X, Inspire, 11, or a comparable rapid development tool.

Technology discussed in this session:

Student technology needs:
Lectora (version X, Inspire, or 11 are appropriate for this session).