Many practitioners think that learning research is pie-in-the-sky information that is of value for academics but of little value for practitioners. But good practitioner research is practical research that points practitioners and their managers towards better practice and helps them make the important decisions.

In this session, participants will hear the main conclusions from recent Guild research and learn how this information is valuable for day-to-day practice. You will have the opportunity to discuss the research and ask questions. Discussion will focus on the 2013 authoring tools and 2013 gamification reports.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The interesting data, charts, and insights from Guild research reports you can use
  • The main conclusions from recent Guild research reports
  • How Guild research helps you improve your practice and make better decisions
  • What experts in the field are thinking and doing


Technology discussed in this session:
Authoring tools; gamification. 

Participant technology requirements:


All Contributors

Brenda Enders

President & Chief Learning Strategist, Enders Consulting

Joe Ganci

President, eLearning Joe

Patti Shank

President, Learning Peaks