Creating effective video training for delivery on mobile devices presents a variety of unique design challenges due to the restrictions inherent in the presentation format. These challenges include specialized planning (with attention focused on image composition and menu design), training duration, script writing, recording methods, and editing techniques.

This session presents best practices through a case study that covers the process of designing video training for mobile devices from concept to delivery, with demonstrations of audio and video hardware, editing software, and simple tips and techniques for writing, composition, shooting, lighting and green screen, that can be used to produce professional results on a minimal budget. Participants will see demonstrations of hardware and software and take away simple and practical techniques that they can immediately use when creating video to deliver a simple and effective mobile training experience for their users.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to optimize video production for mobile delivery
  • How to create a professional-quality product with limited resources
  • How to create a pre-production plan for mobile video training
  • How to write specifically for mobile video training
  • How to shoot, edit, and deliver video for optimal mobile usability
  • How to research and choose the right equipment
  • How to choose and direct on-camera talent

Participants with an interest in and/or knowledge of audio and video production will likely most from this session. 

Technology discussed in this session:
Consumer and prosumer level digital camcorders, microphones and tripods, editing software on a laptop for editing on the go, green screens and lighting for video, and mobile phones and tablets for delivery. 

Student technology needs: