Saint Vincent Health Center traditionally presented new information to associates in a classroom setting. Program length was dependent on the volume of information associates needed and the ability to pull people away from their work setting. Additionally, within the last 10 years they added eLearning programs to the delivery modes. However, with both of these methods they saw problems with information overload and retention and poor transfer of learning to the job.

This session offers a case study demonstrating what Saint Vincent Health Center sees as the role of performance support in the workplace and how they are applying it. Moving toward a performance support culture has provided them with a way to give associates the information they need, when they need it and where they need it. They are no longer dependent on the initial training to be the only means of providing all the information and changing on-the-job behavior. They are also converting their education to a three-part performance-support model that includes prerequisite information, classroom time dedicated to practice with a skill or concept, and follow-up performance support on the job. You’ll learn how this big culture change impacted their organization.