Using Personalization to Create Next-generation Performance Support

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Performance Support Symposium 2013 - September 9, 2013

Kelli Holmes

Senior Manager, Operations Documentation
Dunkin' Brands

Dawn Poulos

Vice President of Marketing

When training content moves from large courses to semantically rich nuggets of information, you can create a whole host of specialized, next-generation performance support apps that deliver personalized, bite-sized learning to employees at the moment-of-need on the device of their choice. But getting there is not easy.

In the "how-to" part of this session, you will learn how to think about learning as an app-driven experience rather than a course-driven one, how to develop content that drives relevance and flows seamlessly across devices, and how to match user profiles and behavior to content to drive personalized recommendations. In the "here it is" part of this session, you will see how Dunkin' Brands supports more than 7,000 US restaurants through contextual performance support web portals and mobile apps that deliver relevant moment-of-need procedural information as well as enabling real-time operational audits. This is not your grandfather's performance support!


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