Using the Performance Support Spectrum to Set Your Strategy

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Performance Support Symposium 2013 - September 9, 2013

Conrad Gottfredson

Chief Learning Strategist
APPLY Synergies

Bob Mosher

CEO/Chief Learning Evangelist
APPLY Synergies & Co-Founder of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology

Performance support takes on many forms across learning organizations; in fact, it may be one of the most misunderstood disciplines in learning. A job aid is to performance support as to what the LCD projector is to the classroom; it is but one component in an overarching, more complex strategy. In the past several years, performance support maturity models have been emerging in an effort to help organizations assess their current state of learning and performance support maturity and to determine their future states.

This session will explore an emerging performance support spectrum spanning low-to-transformational business impact so each participant can walk away with a better understanding of where their organization’s performance support strategy stands. You will learn about the three main principles of effective performance support. You will hear about a five-stage maturity spectrum outlining what makes truly transformational performance support. You will explore the software capabilities needed to produce performance support and you will examine the five pillars of the performance support maturity model.


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