Learning solutions in the digital era can be easily made available around the world to benefit learners in various countries. In theory, people in the US, the UK, South Africa, and China, for example, can have equal access to quality content, instruction, and learner communities. Living and working in countries like the US, where internet speed is fast and reliable and users are able to access any digital content, it may be difficult to imagine that the same luxury is not available in mainland China.

Participants in this session will learn about the mobile technology environment in mainland China. It is possible to bring mLearning solutions already available and successful in other countries to China, but unexpected pitfalls could make the entire solution or some of its features useless in that country, resulting in failed deployment. You’ll review key considerations for taking mobile learning solutions to China along with anecdotes from the locals and the presenter’s experience in the country.

In this session, you will learn:

  • General mLearning implementation items with specific points to consider in China
  • The mobile, internet, and app distribution environment in China
  • Online sites and services that are blocked in China
  • Alternative sites and services accessible in China

Managers, directors and those in charge of taking mLearning solutions to mainland China. Participants should have a basic knowledge of mobile devices, apps, distribution, and infrastructure.

Technology discussed in this session:
Internet and mobile connection, iOS, Android, apps, app distribution channels.