Instructional designers always need to change the delivery of their product to suit the needs of their clients and/or audiences. The comics-based format is an innovative way to deliver content that is fun and engaging … and, you guessed it, highly mobile.

Participants in this session will learn a whole new way to deliver eLearning content: the comic strip. You’ll explore why comic strips are inherently more interesting to learners, and why learners eagerly return to comics-based learning. You’ll also learn how to create your own comic strips that engage learners, maximize knowledge retention, and bring life and laughter to the perceived boredom of learning. Best of all, comics are a perfect match for the mobile device.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The right way to start a comic strip
  • How to keep the audience engaged
  • How to increase knowledge retention
  • Rethinking image selection
  • Tips on tools and resources
  • Tips on space and time

Novice-to-intermediate training professionals. Participants should be experienced instructional designers with a good sense of humor and a desire to deliver content that lets students laugh and learn on the run.

Technology discussed in this session:
MS PowerPoint, various PDF makers, various mobile phones and tablets.