Most learning in organizations happens in the flow of work, but many existing learning applications require people do new things, and few capabilities exist to record meaningful learning-related data from the things people are already doing. The Tin Can API/Experience API makes it possible to record learning-related data from anywhere.

This session will cover practical questions of what it means to collect data from enterprise systems and how to do so such that the data plays nicely with other data. Understanding how learning happens in the flow of work is one of the biggest challenges for an L&D professional, and this session puts the necessary technical toolkit in your hands, as well as furthering understanding of the Tin Can API/Experience API.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use the Tin Can API to capture data related to learning in the flow of work
  • How to make effective decisions on what to capture from enterprise systems
  • A few possibilities about what that data might help you understand
  • The next steps to take towards making Tin Can a larger part of your organizational strategy

Intermediate and advanced developers and project managers who are aware of the very basics of the Tin Can API and have intermediate technical skills (no particular programming language, but having programmed at least a little).

Technology discussed in this session:
Tin Can API/Experience API Learning Record Store, SharePoint, Drupal, Wordpress, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and other common enterprise systems.