Sony conducted an organizational social-learning analysis that found a need for more social and mobile tools across the business, whether they focus specifically on learning or not. The possibilities that mobile learning represent are hard for any forward-looking organization to ignore.

Participants in this case-study session will explore how Sony Electronics designed and piloted its “Sony Learning To-Go” mobile-learning solution as part of a company-wide sales transformation initiative. You’ll walk through the process of vendor selection, content design, business-partner collaborations, implementation, and next steps. You will learn about their wins and the pitfalls experienced along the way. You will also learn about the future of mobile learning at Sony Electronics and how Sony devices are an integral part of the solution as they continue to pursue mobile and social learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What sparked the initiative for Sony Electronics to go mobile with training for field teams
  • The criteria used to select the pilot group, content, and mobile learning strategies
  • The importance of a well-designed and intuitive interface and user experience for learners
  • Obstacles and roadblocks faced and overcome leading to next steps and lessons learned
  • How to embed mobile learning into key learning initiatives to encompass formal, informal, social, and game-enabled learning

Those interested in learning about a real-life application of mobile learning. Experience in designing and developing technology- based learning solutions is desirable.

Technology discussed in this session:
OnPoint Digital’s CellCast, Android-based tablets and handsets.