Adaptive Learning Using Articulate Storyline Triggers

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mLearnCon 2013 - June 18, 2013

Dan Myers

Senior Manager of Staff Training
The Cheesecake Factory

People learn at different paces and learn one piece of content more thoroughly than another. However, in most cases eLearning is one-size-fits-all. In traditional eLearning, regardless of whether they are absorbing the content or not, learners all receive the same experience and do not necessarily walk away with an even understanding.

This session will demonstrate two solutions using Articulate Storyline. The solutions will adapt to the learner’s understanding of the content, and they can be used to teach both declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge. You can use these solutions on both mobile and desktop platforms.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build adaptive learning in Storyline
  • How to use Storyline triggers
  • How to create and store data in Storyline variables
  • Benefits of an adaptive learning approach

Novice and intermediate designers and developers who are interested in using Storyline to build adaptive learning courses. Participants should have a basic understanding of how to navigate Articulate Storyline.

Technology discussed in this session: Articulate’s Storyline


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