In today’s business organizations, managers are expected to manage an increasingly complex work force, to keep their teams engaged and motivated, and to perform and achieve their goals. All these factors contribute to the organizational need to train and develop both new and experienced managers in a manner that will facilitate smooth, rapid transition into managerial and leadership roles.

 In this case-study session, participants will learn how to apply the 70-20-10 framework of learning (learning from experience, learning from others, and learning through formal education). You’ll explore how State Street integrates this framework into its two separate training tracks, targeted specifically towards new managers and experienced managers respectively. You’ll also learn about the critical elements to consider in creating a successful leadership and management training program and the challenges encountered along the way, from the pilot phase to its current institutionalized phase.

 In this session, you will learn:

  • The application of a 70-20-10 blended learning and development framework to management training
  • How to integrate multiple sources, channels, and elements of learning
  • The critical skills and knowledge to consider in developing new and mid-level manager training
  • The challenges and the key lessons learned in designing and implementing a global management training program

Intermediate and advanced professionals who want to build an effective management development program.