Students, customers, and patients often wait. They wait for counselors, service providers, and medical professionals to see them, and they often use these wait times to text, play games on their phones, and search social media sites. Students are required to know a lot of program information and updates every semester, yet they often visit a counselor’s office with limited questions and need reminders about items they need to complete. So, to entice its students to play the game while waiting, Metropolitan College decided to develop an mLearning game with a leader board that reinforces its program’s policies.

Session participants will learn how the program implemented and marketed the mLearning platform; how they developed a pre- and post-test to assess the student’s program/policy understanding before and after the game was implemented; and how the school is utilizing assessment tools to make revisions for a second-phase launch in 2013.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create an mLearning game that is enticing for college students
  • How to evaluate gaming learning outcomes
  • How to utilize assessment to drive revisions to an mLearning project
  • Techniques to develop a successful mLearning project

Novice and intermediate professionals.