Too often employees must take eLearning courses that fall far short of positively impacting performance on the job. Much of this eLearning can trace its roots to bad presentations relying on dense bulleted information and clip art to break the monotony. Replace the presenter with a “Next” button and you have the standalone eLearning that makes up much of the required training within private and public organizations today.

Participants in this session will explore an alternative called realistic performance activities (RPAs). RPAs are short, problem-oriented exercises that emphasize a “learn by doing” approach that uses existing infrastructure such as email and, increasingly, enterprise social media. You’ll learn how you can use social media platforms to facilitate RPAs in a way that has not typically been possible or realistic within organizations in the past. You’ll also explore ways of complementing existing learning programs with RPAs, including adding RPAs to existing online content and using RPAs as an adjunct to larger blended-learning events.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Ways to develop and deliver realistic performance activities using existing infrastructure within your organization
  • Ways to augment existing learning events to support learning and performance on the job
  • How to integrate RPAs into other learning interventions, including eLearning and blended learning environments
  • What has and hasn’t worked in RPA development and implementation across clients

Novice to intermediate designers, VPs, CLOs, and executives. Participants who are using social media such as Twitter and Facebook will get extra value from this session.