In recent years, smartphones and tablets have driven the craze to create a web development language that works on all browser-accessible devices. Some people are predicting the end of Flash entirely with Adobe’s announcement that it will no longer develop the Flash Player for mobile devices. Do the looming promises of HTML5 capabilities mean Flash has seen its last day? Are clients and developers ready for the transition? This session will address the issue by educating participants on the current state of the industry and how to best align client demands and technology capabilities.

Session participants will discover the interplay between market demand, company resources, and technology functionality in making executive management decisions on project development. By analyzing the benefits and limitations of both through real scenarios, you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to select a mode of development based on your analysis of the factors involved in selection. You’ll also learn management strategies to transition staff to alternative coding.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The benefits and limitations of development in both HTML5 and plug-ins
  • How to identify three strategies for transitioning to mobile-friendly programming
  • How to analyze staff propensity to handle HTML5
  • Management methods to help transition staff away from Flash

Novice and intermediate managers, developers, designers, and others with similar skill sets.