Organizations of all sizes face myriad challenges connecting workers who are increasingly out from behind their desks and on the move. This session will explore how businesses are leveraging the benefits of next-gen social, mobile, and cloud technologies to connect and inform their workers and drive both collaboration and engagement to accelerate overall performance. Highlights from a dozen different use cases demonstrate how mobile + learning + social + cloud can coalesce to deliver sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, solutions to remote workers wherever they may be.

Participants in this session will see solutions from leading organizations for typical remote-worker use cases spanning pure training, facilitator support, event augmentation, compliance and regulatory support, performance support, on-the-go performance appraisals, knowledge management, product launch, collaboration, sales enablement, and engagement and gamification. You’ll see live demonstrations of proven solutions from leading enterprise organizations that are providing improved levels of support and engagement for their remote staff working with the tools and devices every remote knowledge worker uses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to measure the impact of remote workers on our training needs
  • How leading organizations are using mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to extend line-of-business application access
  • Which technologies are easy to implement to support remote workers (and which are challenging)
  • How access to learning and performance support tools is integral to supporting remote teams

Novice-to-advanced professionals.