More and more frequently, we hear people asking whether the LMS is dead. Learning has finally burst out of the classroom and become informal, social, and mobile. How can learning be “managed” when there are no registrations, rosters, and completions to count? Of course, formal instruction is still important for things like compliance, safety, onboarding, and baseline skills. But to many organizations, the future of learning management systems seems unclear.

Participants in this session will explore the role of learning management in informal, social, and mobile learning. You will examine current features and capabilities addressed by the LMS market and get a forecast of future trends. Most importantly, you will learn a set of LMS evaluation criteria that will position your organization to make LMS purchase and upgrade decisions that ensure it is equipped to take full advantage of emerging learning models.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How today’s leading LMS products handle social and mobile learning
  • How tomorrow’s LMS products will handle informal learning
  • How learning management will transform over the coming years
  • How to weigh options for managing learning in the cloud
  • How to define forward-looking criteria for evaluating and selecting an LMS

Intermediate and advanced professionals with experience in LMS selection, implementation, and/or operation.