Good learning includes practical, hands-on experience, particularly when the subject matter is software. But the logistics of providing such practice environments can be complex, especially when you need to support many different classes and technologies from day to day. Perhaps you’ve heard that the cloud can help, but feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of options.

Participants in this session will learn how the concept of virtualization applies not only to classrooms, but to your classroom IT infrastructure as well. Cloud platforms allow you to quickly create practice environments for a training engagement while at the same time pooling and making the most efficient use of expensive hardware resources. You’ll explore various public cloud platforms on the Internet, as well as techniques for implementing your own.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About cloud computing and hardware virtualization concepts
  • How to classify different types of cloud services
  • About the costs and benefits of cloud-based training
  • How to quickly provision environments for new training events
  • How learners access the cloud
  • About various cloud products and technologies

Novice developers, project managers, and managers who are familiar with basic computer and virtual classroom concepts.