Social learning happens all around us, every day. But it isn't reflected on multiple-choice completion quizzes, smile sheets offered at the conclusion of training events, or the number of hits on a site or "likes" on a page.

This session focuses on evaluating interactions in social networks as they happen in the daily course of enacting work. We'll look at why people participate, the potential gains, how to recognize application of those gains, and ultimately whether the individual or organization's performance is affected. The current great interest in social learning comes with accompanying concerns about proving its worth and assessing its value. This session offers a walk-through of specific, concrete examples and strategies for applying ideas back at work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To recognize the many forms social learning can take
  • To assess value not only of actual engagement, but of potential gains
  • To quantify value of specific outcomes
  • To survey ways of examining social learning currently occurring in the workplace
  • To identify strategies for encouraging development of employee mindfulness of social learning

Intermediate professionals who are interested in evaluating the impact of social media in the workplace. This is not Social Media 101.