Corporate eLearning solutions continue to be a struggle in today's environment of rapidly emerging technologies. Finding a single solution that will meet the various and unique needs of individual training organizations within the company is difficult. The alternate, and more common, solution has been to simply allow each organization to adopt their own methods, which quickly become complex, difficult to support, and divergent from corporate standards.

Participants in this case-study session will learn how AirTran Airways successfully implemented an enterprise solution using a common open-source LMS as the foundation. They developed the product in-house and continue to maintain and improve it internally while outsourcing the hosting. This solution has allowed AirTran to deploy and track the training of more than 8,000 employees for nearly seven years. You'll learn how they identified AirTran's needs and met them through the open source solution, as well as the challenges they overcame and those that still exist.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About common challenges in implementing eLearning on a corporate level
  • Various shortcomings of existing open-source learning management systems
  • How AirTran Airways outlined existing requirements and set out to meet those requirements using open-source technologies
  • What a successful implementation of an enterprise open-source learning management system looks like

This session is designed for developers, project managers, managers, and directors. Participants should be familiar with their personal requirements regarding the implementation of eLearning via the Internet. No specific skills or knowledge are required, as this session will discuss implementation from the highest level.