People are deploying eLearning to solve many problems in learning, namely reducing costs and overhead and making training available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Along the way, eLearning has become, to a degree, a replacement of live instructors or teachers. However, designers of eLearning systems typically overlook the most important assets that live teachers offer, and instead concentrate only on the obvious, natural assets that computers bring to the table. This is a mistake, and it leaves out important elements of the human learning experience, and tragically, the elements that eLearning is fully able to address with the proper design and development considerations.

In this session, participants will get a brief historical look at the evolution of learning as well as the evolution of eLearning. Then you'll examine a different type of eLearning, whereby the computer becomes a coach, mentor, and practice partner instead of just being an electronic whiteboard.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why traditional eLearning often falls short of objectives
  • Common pitfalls of eLearning authoring based on old misperceptions
  • A new way to look at computers, and realize what they truly bring to the table
  • A revolutionary new learning model, based on ancient learning
  • How to use new technologies to provide a more effective learning experience

Experience with eLearning as either an author or user is helpful, but is not required. Those who are frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the typical eLearning authoring approach will gain the most.