Having a better understanding of student performance and achievement over time is invaluable in providing the best educational environment for students. New assessments for measuring individual student growth are gaining attention, however the challenge remains: sharing this information with teachers, principals, and other educators in a consistent and easily viewable format. This session will focus on the development of SchoolView, a data-visualization application that's head and shoulders above what any other governmental education organization has been able to create. It enables education stakeholders to view the data most meaningful to them and turn that data into actionable information.

Session participants will learn how technology is revolutionizing the education industry, gain insight on considerations in making educational mobile apps, and get a first-hand look at how educational assessments are changing due to the SchoolView app.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Real-world examples of innovative new tablet apps across multiple industries
  • What you need to know about integrating an app into a broader mobile strategy
  • How technology is revolutionizing the education industry
  • What SchoolView has done to change standard educational assessments

Novice designers, developers, and managers who need to have a general understanding of what apps are and how they work. It would be helpful if participants also understood general processes for how educational assessments are taking place right now.