There are three main challenges to creating and implementing mLearning in organzations. Number one is the existence of courses that aren’t “mobile-friendly” in their current state … but that need to be for future-state access via iPads. Number two is the fact that tablet users aren’t always connected – even though we’re all led to believe they are. Number three is distribution – how do you get learning solutions onto learners’ iPads when you aren’t using a Web app?

Participants in this case-study session will learn about one course that needed to go mobile … and how Dow AgroSciences used iBook as the answer to the three challenges above. You’ll get an overview of Dow’s business environment and the target learners who have limited connectivity, a view of the original eLearning course (created in Articulate), and a demonstration of the mobile solution built using iBook Author.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Various alternatives to making a desktop course “mobile” and the pro’s and con’s of different options.
  • The challenges of converting an interactive eLearning course to a mobile solution using iBook
  • A design process to use when “re-purposing” content from an eLearning course to an iBook
  • The power and pitfalls of iBook Author templates and widgets

Audience: Intermediate designers, developers, managers, and executives who are interested in seeing a real-life solution to common implementation barriers.

Technology discussed in this session: iPad, iBook, Articulate.