Just about every study shows that organizations are concerned about leadership and leaders. Millions of dollars are spent on leader development, with endless skepticism as to whether it makes much difference. What of mobile learning for leader development? Is it as crazy as one friend said it was?

It's not at all crazy. Session participants will see actual mobile apps for leader development and for exploring the possibilities. You will tour apps and see demonstrations of the difference it can make.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to think differently about leader and manager development to make using mobile sensible
  • About an array of apps devoted to leaders and managers
  • Criteria for considering when and how mobile might contribute to soft skills
  • Ways to execute on mobile for leader development

Audience: Intermediate designers, project managers, managers, directors, and executives concerned about leader and manager development. Participants should be familiar with mobile learning and mobile performance support.

Technology discussed in this session: Various apps.