Coast Guard maintenance crews are responsible for carrying out and tracking completion of hundreds of different maintenance procedures for a given asset. This is currently a paper-based process with no automatic integration to management systems.

In this case-study session, participants will discuss a pilot project to port procedures to a content-managed mobile platform, which allows for easier updates to procedure content and for automatic data capture as maintenance is performed and signed-off on.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Content structure and tagging strategies for mobile performance support
  • Mobile interface design practices
  • Data-collection and integration strategies for maintenance crew management
  • Methods for integrating performance data with management and tracking systems

Technology discussed in this session: Learning Content Management Systems, a mobile synch application for disconnected deployment and activity tracking, and a mobile maintenance support and tracking application.

Audience: Novice designers, developers, and managers who have some knowledge of instructional design and performance support systems.