Enterprises of all sizes are considering integrating mobile learning into their learning practices and blended learning efforts, which brings about a whole new set of challenges and skill-set requirements. One of the biggest challenges is convincing the influential stakeholders within the enterprise of the power of mLearning. It is critical that any mobile learning plan includes a strategy on how to deal with each of the key stakeholders: management, IT, legal, brand and marketing, and perhaps the most important one - the target audience.

Participants in this session will learn effective responses to the specific enterprise stakeholders who have a direct influence on a mobile-learning implementation. You'll step through each of the stakeholder departments and give sound points, arguments, and responses to anticipated questions, concerns, or resistance. You'll learn how to move the mLearning implementation process through the enterprise culture, and how to know and understand the stakeholder's "hot spots" including ROI, design and development, security, testing, and analytics.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the key stakeholders within the enterprise
  • How to anticipate key stakeholder's priorities and concerns
  • How to successfully build a strategy to move an mlearning implementation through the enterprise
  • Sound solutions and strategies to answer stakeholder concerns or resistance
  • How to evangelize mLearning within the enterprise

Technology discussed in this session: Apple iPad and iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and Blackberry.

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate project managers, managers, and executives who face the task of leading or advising the implementation of their company's mobile learning strategy and development.