A majority of mobile applications are built on porting over what has worked with desktop design. If you design mobile screens the same way you design desktop screens, then you'll miss out on making a great mLearning experience. When you design the mLearning application with the mobile device and the user in mind, you increase the chance of improving the user experience (UX).

Session participants will get 10 tips on how the audience can dramatically improve the user experience by properly designing for a mobile device. Many of these tips are very simple to implement, but it does change how you think about mobile design. Come and see some simple tips on how to design a better mobile UX.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to state what makes a good UX
  • How to explain what thumb swipe is
  • How to differentiate between desktop and mobile design
  • How to justify why mobile design must be different from desktop design
  • The big steps on stopping a mobile device from scaling Web content

Technology discussed in this session: Various mobile devices.

Audience: All levels, An understanding of interface design would be helpful. This session is meant to help people who design, or who are thinking of designing, screens for any mobile device know where to start.