Learners continually move through five phases that require support in order to successfully perform. mLearning often focuses on two of these moments of need: when people are learning how to do something for the first time, or when people are expanding the breadth and depth of what they have learned. These first two moments of need are generally considered the formal side of learning. Mobile technologies provide unprecedented capabilities to address the other three additional "informal" moments of need: when performers need to act upon what they have learned, when problems arise or things break or don't work the way they were intended, or when people need to learn a new way of doing something that requires them to change deeply ingrained skills.

Session participants will learn how to correctly build an mSupport solution and become an instant hero the minute it helps someone apply, adapt, or solve. You'll learn a methodology for building and maintaining mSupport that is completely different from designing and producing mLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How an mSupport solution can address all five moments of learning need
  • How mSupport fits into your overarching learning and training strategy
  • How to design an mSupport solution
  • How mSupport solutions look, feel, and act
  • How organizations are using mSupport

Technology discussed in this session: No specific technology.

Audience: Novice project managers, managers, directors, or CLOs. No previous experience required.