All organizations have some sort of required compliance education – in one form or another. And typical instructional designers often struggle with how to make this education both engaging and learner focused.
St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital’s training team’s challenge was to repackage their Web-based training in a way that was different from anything they had previously offered their learners. More challenging yet, they had 15,000 learners working in very diverse areas ranging from their hospital, to business offices, to outpatient medical offices.

Participants in this session will discuss how to develop Web-based and simulation-based safety compliance training that meets the needs of multiple learner groups. It tells a story from start to finish through interactive quizzes, multimedia, and learner decision making, with all the consequences in between. Throughout the course, drama and humor combine with otherwise dry safety compliance information to present an engaging and educational experience for the learner. You will learn tips on scripting made simple, use of talent, and how inexpensive multimedia can enhance any program.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to integrate different methodologies and technologies in the design of eLearning
  • How to customize education to meet the needs of different learner groups
  • How you can use storytelling as a simulation tool to deliver training
  • Why using in-house talent can be an effective and low-cost way to achieve learner buy-in to the training

Audience: Novice participants with a basic knowledge of instructional design.