Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is a large, multi-site teaching academic health sciences center with over 10,000 staff and affiliates. In 2005/2006, the Clinical Practice and Education Service (CP&E) at HHS was responsible for the implementation of a LMS that would not only provide eLearning opportunities for staff, but would also track learning in both classroom and online formats by learner. The implementation team was challenged not only by the size of the organization, but by its complexity. The leadership of CP&E realized that a team of multidisciplinary educators would be an asset to the implementation, as selected team members could both develop curricula and become ambassadors for the LMS. Team members, in addition to their regular education role, were expected to focus on how to deliver education in an online format.

This case-study session will outline the curriculum-team leadership model successfully used to implement the LMS. You’ll learn the strategies used to mentor new team leaders in a decentralized curriculum development team approach.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How a multi-site healthcare corporation developed and implemented eLearning across specialties
  • The eLearning processes and protocols using a team-based approach
  • How they established and mentored an eLearning team to support development
  • How they established the prioritizing of eLearning course development

Audience: Novice-to-intermediate participants must understand both what a LMS is and eLearning development practices.