We have forgotten how to converse. We know how to SMS, we know how to use social media to chat, we revert to e-mail hundreds of times a week and we know how to listen. But we have lost the power of conversation as a learning tool. Learners are inudated with information … a veritable waterfall of data and content is dumped on them and eLearning is too often a lecture not a conversation. That is, it pushes the information to the learner, but the learner does not get to ask about what they have learned.

Participants in this session will learn a method to reintroduce the art of conversation to our existing learning tools. You’ll learn how to create a conversation with a known path and how to direct the conversation in order to introduce the learning outcomes. You’ll explore how to filter the content and present it to encourage conversational learning and you’ll learn how you can introduce these techniques to the classroom, eLearning, and mLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The power of conversational learning
  • The four dimensions of conversation
  • A practical method to create a conversation
  • How to ask powerful questions
  • How to direct a conversation to a known goal

Audience: Participants who want to learn how to listen and talk.